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We are glad you’ve found our services interesting and useful for your business. Please see the short Fox Laboratory’s CV below.

Fox Laboratory’s mission

We cannot underemphasize the value of superior web performance, security and reliability for business success in a global world. Our mission is to help businesses of any size build and efficiently run an IT infrastructure to achieve those goals in an increasingly complex and demanding environment. We are bringing together all the components needed to deploy and operate an IT infrastructure of any complexity at global scale. We integrate data center services, connectivity, and equipment in single bundle to delivery repayable, scalable and cost efficient infrastructure.

Delivering convinient and enhanced tools

We offer tools that were designed in order to ease your company’s IT-related business in Russian Federation, the country of our most valuable competence assets. We specialize in delivering turnkey solutions. Wether you are in search for a dedicated server services , colocation, connectivity, other data center services in a single or multiple cities all over the Russia, CIS and nearby countries.

Carrier and vendor neutral approach

Currently we run our equipment in 25+ datacenters and 15+ cities. We also do appreciate your application’s specific connectivity needs, no matter how complicated it may be to put it all together. Consider it’s done.

Single contractor policy

We invite you to take advantage of having a single contractor providing IaaS all over Russia. Our clients benefit from having minimum paperwork, casting as less contracts as possible. By doing so we spare your resource and let you keep doing what you do best.

Sounds thrilling?

There are multiple ways we can help your application to make a rapid and effective expansion within and beyond Russia’s borders.

We are trusted

We’ve been delivering our services to a number of clients who run critical applications in transport, communications and web performance industries for eyars. Just a few of our direct or subsidiary-contracted clients are listed below.


Trip Advisor Click Meeting Russian Railways Catchpoint Systems
Fox Laboratory company has guaranteed our critical services with a reliable and trouble-free operation and proved a three-year lasting effective co-operation. This led us to improve the services we provide to our passengers.
Evgeniy Savostin, CEO, Sverdlovsk Suburban Railways Company JSC

Fox Laboratory’s team have been an incredible resource to help us expand in eight countries and thirteen cities. Their unparalleled professionalism and dedication have allowed us to expand rapidly and flawlessly.
Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-Founder Catchpoint Systems Inc.


Upon any question please don’t hesitate contacting us via [email protected]